The Natural Heritage Project curates fun and interactive exhibits based on the work of Featured Artists. We welcome mid-career to professional artists in two and three dimensional mediums to apply. If you are an artist with a complete oeuvre who is interested in a worthwhile challenge, we would love to work with you.

As a Featured Artist (FA), you would work alongside the NHP team to create an experiential exhibition headlining your original work. NHP will coordinate, curate and facilitate the exhibition and any related collaborations. Your job as Featured Artist is to simply do what you do best! Each FA must create a new body of work to serve as the central focus of an exhibition (sorry folks, past work will not be accepted).


To become a Featured Artist please complete the submission form for review. Our decision will be based on the information you provide. If you have questions or would like more information about the commitment of being a Featured Artist please connect with us before submitting the application by emailing Jessica -

We are currently reviewing applications for the 2021.


  • We love tenacious mid to late career artists looking for a fun challenge.  

  • Participants must be willing to work collaboratively. 

  • NHP exhibits are intensive and involve artist participation in planning; availability is an absolute must. 

  • Artists need to be willing to represent NHP during designated social events and scheduled workshops.

  • Featured Artists are often invited to work alongside youth groups, schools or to teach paid workshops.

  • We absolutely require our Featured Artists to demonstrate an affinity for nature.



  • Artist retain ownership & control over the use of their work

  • Commission percentages vary from 0 to 40%, depending on the assigned venue

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What interests you about becoming a Featured Artist:
For a complete list of NHI programs by state, (information on rare species, natural communities and natural features), visit the RESOURCE tab and drop down to NHI PROGRAMS.
Tell us about your art career:
Novice - I just started out but I am totally willing to work hard for the opportunity. Mid-career - I have up to five years of experience, making nearly 25% of my income as an artist. Professional - 5 or more years of experience, making more than 25% of my income as an artist.
We understand collaboration can be challenging but we do require Featured Artists (even though their work is being featured) work with the curators during the planning and ideation of interactive components. Please indicate your level of experience with collaboration. Don't worry, this information will gauge who best to partner you with, not whether or not you are selected to be a Featured Artist.
Tell us about the experience. Be sure to include when & where, with a link to the event if possible.
Tell us a little about your path to becoming an artist. How has your work evolved? Include anything you'd like us to know about your work.
Dream big, if you could do anything what would you do? Let it be our job to worry about logistics.
Grant Writing
Let us know if you have been awarded grant monies in the past, if you've written grants, or are willing to participate in the seeking & writing process for your exhibition with NHP.
What OTHER special skills do you hone? *
We think people are pretty cool with all their fancy skills. We build interactive exhibits from scratch so there are often opportunities to work alongside the curators in a variety of ways. Let us know if you harbor any special skills you'd like to us to consider beyond your standard practice as an artist.
Exhibit building takes time, we are currently scheduling for Featured Artist in 2021, please share what time of year works best for you.