elm tree story booth

A ten-foot, hand-built elm-shaped tree phone booth retrofitted with a digital recording device open for public discourse on personal interactions with nature. Don’t be shy, step inside!

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Locations will be announced via @StoriesElm on Twitter.

Don’t be shy, step inside!

Share your anonymous stories in Elm Tree Story Booth

We tend to try to make sense of the complexity of our world by forming and stacking hundreds of images and stories about ourselves, our society and biophysical environment. These images and stories work together to determine how each of these are structured, how each function, and the interrelationships among them. They encapsulate a piece of our reality in a simplified form to create our individual worldview. People and societies use their worldview to interpret information and formulate action. We are interested in hearing your stories about nature to better understand our actions.

Different cultures, and different people in the same culture, have unique perceptions of how ecosystems function and how they respond to human action. Recognizing different perceptions can help to better understand why different individuals and different societies interact with the environment in such strikingly different ways. It’s fascinating!

The Elm Tree Story Booth was hand-built by public artist David Aichinger founder of the Standing Cedars Workshop located along the Saint Croix Valley in Osceola, Wisconsin. Check him out, he offers some pretty awesome workshops.